It's a simple technique, stop-motion animation, but very, very time-consuming. In a kind of meditative way so that's alright. (Some of these have soundtracks and some don't but need one.)

Playing in Time was made for the unearthed exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (2010) in partnership with Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture. The back-ground patterns are drawn in sand with designs inspired by the 'flame pots' of the Jomon people.


See This Mantled for more info about this animation. It needs a soundtrack. Got any ideas, anyone?


Soundtrack by Jonathan Lambert. The tiny, silver dancers I call Dolossies are for sale, £40 each on the Twelvemo Etsy shop.


This really was a never-to-be-repeated skip opportunity.  I knew the old man that whose stuff this was (before he moved into a home). He was Mr Bernard Remmington and he was a very nice old chap that had worked at Colmans Mustard, HMSO in Sovereign House, and Jarrolds Print Works, three major Norwich employers. His kids had one weekend to sort the contents of the house he'd live in for 40 years. They skipped lots of lovely things, which they, and I, were happy to recycle. Oh. My. Gosh. It was a good skip but it did feel a bit like Mr Remmington had moved into my house for a while, with this huge heap of his things, showing his creative, imaginative, family life! Bless him. I really liked Mr Remmington. (Soundtrack? Ideas?)


My friend Bill Hodgson made this animation of Twelvemo having a bit of a clear up. Just in time....


Just a little one. It's an open and closed case.

Song by the Bristol Band Men From Atlantis. They don't play much together any more but check out The Full Moon and Attic Bar in Bristol for super cool music by DJ Stevie Bear among others, now and again, here and there. Good stuff. Not like this particularly but good. You'll be dancing. Sorry about the resolution on this one, people. Dunno what happened. I've learned a bit since though, just a bit, but there's plenty of time to forget that too, what with everything else I do!


Some glass casts made from the Twelvemo Figure, blended one into another, one after another, quiet and frozen.... This dates from the year 2000 when I got UK Lottery funding to do an artist's residency. There-that gives away how long I have been making the Twelvemo Figure (and a bit more to be honest)!