Making Twelvemo

This first photo is one half of a mold for making Twelvemo-the half that tales the most time .... All that bedding in to plastecine type stuff (called chavant) take SOOOO long... I never really know if it has worked right till I have invested quite a bit of time into it!


Here are a few photos of my workshop, looking pretty tidy. So many different kinds of activities happen here it needs to be a bit organised.


The pic above looks towards the laser cutter (blue machine) on the left and the spin caster (on the right). On the table is the vac chamber. It's too small really...


Nice beast, my cutter is, great fun. Then a photo of my mini bench grinder, and dangling drill on a flexible shaft. Very small, it was, when I opened the box - it just about does what I need it too, but bigger would have been better! (Note to self: check the dimensions when you buy stuff in future.)


 And here's a shelf full of stuff, and then some more shelves full of more stuff. Some people see the order in the madness and others just think it's madness. I like it in there.