Japanese Shelfie

These photos document a collection of items and objects that I acquired before, during and after a visit to Japan in 2012. The collection includes a Hina Doll Set that I was given. Hina dolls are passed down through families and are brought out for display once a year on Girls' Day, the 3rd of March. There is a prince and princess, some maids, musicians and politicians! The politicians are red in the face because they drink too much saki, so I am told.

There is beautiful shovel that was used on the important archaeological site near Aomori (Sanai Marumama). 


The old-looking character on the left is one of the puppets I made for the animation shown during unearthed exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in 2010. You can see Playing in Time here.


The padded lady in red on the right is some kind of decorative racket for a game like shuttlecocks (I think!). The wooden doll next to her is an antique souvenir from a hot spa (onsen) and is about 70 years old.


These Hina dolls are culturally a little like the Christmas crib sets we have in Europe. You can get all different kinds and sizes and complexities of them. The set was new in the 1950s and is middle sized I think!