Unique Designs

School Skeletons
A new educational resource, school skeletons are laser cut from sheets of ivory mount-board (just under A4 in size). The 15 bone shapes and are easily pressed out and can be assembled to make cheerful skeletons 52 cm tall.


A set of 50 costs £140 plus carriage, which works out at £2.80 per item, but smaller or larger amounts are possible.  You may place an order by sending an email with details to sarah.beare@googlemail.com


The skeletons are a unique and adaptable teaching resource and could be used in many subjects including biology and technology. They could be decorated and use to celebrate the Mexican of Day of the Dead or Halloween. The shapes could be drawn around and used as stencils. The bones could be stuck, as human forms or as patterns, onto card and used to make block printing plates or to make rubbings from. The skeletons could even be padded out with papier maché or dressed and turned into marionette puppets.


Please get in touch if you would like to place an order directly or do so via my Etsy shop: School Skeleton Kits on Etsy

Had a great afternoon with Year 3 kids from Wensum Junior School in Norwich. They had such fun! And learned so much! That's a win/win outcome isn't it? (Apologies for the square photos. The web host has stopped accepting them in any other shape!)







Greetings Cards
Three-dimensional cards that fold out into delicate sculptures
Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Easter Egg, Oak Tree, Candelabra & Wedding Cake 

£7.50 each (plus P&P) on Twelvemo Shop on Esty
I haven't got photos of all of them yet and they are not all for sale on Etsy all the time so get in touch if you need to. Let me know if you have a great idea for this, or want something special made to order and we could come to an agreement (sarah.beare@googlemail.com).





Funny and funky, dangling, dancing Skellies in
various sizes and finishes, linked with sterling silver. They have been turning up as jewellery and fridge magnets and some are for sale on the Twelvemo Etsy Shop.

It's the ideal gift idea if you know any osteopaths! Ok, so... that's a bit 'niche' but these are great fun, especially the fridge-magnet skellies. (You never knew you needed one of these, but I am telling you now that you do!)