Parchment Roses

Parchment roses are decorative elements in the sound holes of harpsichords, mandolins and baroque guitars. Traditionally they are cut by hand with stamps from parchment (made from kidskin or goatskin) but these roses are laser cut with great precision from archive quality, mold-made papers and sized with pva (vegetarian parchment roses).

They are sometimes lavishly gilded with several layers of genuine gold leaf and have certain elements painted with high quality pigments. The designs can be adapted to suit your requirements. 

Please email me ( with your details and specifications. Payment can be either by direct transfer or by Paypal.


Baffo Rose
112mm diameter
gilded, two tiers, three layers each, with painted background
£185 gilded simpler, one layer (tier) version (second picture)
£160 one tier version, un-gilded (not pictured)

A large, complex, rose dating from 1574. The rose is in three layers and two tiers, with bright-coloured background sections set back from the surface. (The rose is framed by a turned wooden surround provided by the client). You could just have the single main layer on it's own.

Courtauld Rose
133mm point to point
150 gilded

125 un-gilded

A lovely large star-shaped rose made from three layers in a very elaborate pattern. The whole rose is 153 but can be trimmed down to suit.

Dufour Rose
93mm diameter
£170 un-gilded

A beautiful small, two-tiered rose. Each tier has two layers. The central circle set back from the outer ring. Can be supplied as one piece to apply from above, or as two pieces, the lower circle being inserted from beneath (this costs an additional £15).

Grabner Rose
77mm pattern diameter
£140 gilded

£115 un-gilded

A simple and elegant rose dating from 1
774, two layers, one tier that looks lovely gilded or un-gilded.

Queen Elizabeth's Virginal
73mm diameter
£185 gilded and painted
£165 gilded only
£150 un-gilded


A complex twisting design of three layers.

Silbermann Rose

115mm design
150mm total diameter
£200 gilded (not pictured)

£175 un-gilded

A large, complex design with two layers on two tiers. The central triangle is set back from the surround by decorative supports.

113.5mm outer ring
82mm inner ring
£185 gilded (not pictured)
£160 un-gilded

A beautiful and elegant design in two parts on two levels. The central circle is fixed below the sound hole and the outer ring is applied from above.

I started making these at the suggestion of my friend Alan Gotto who has used many of my roses in his wonderful, beautiful harpsichords (Alan Gotto Harpsichords). They are, despite the laser cutting, very much hand-crafted objects. The designs are drawn by hand and the paper is a responsive material to work with. The processes of assembly, gilding and painting mean each rose is individual and unique.

I am willing to undertake new designs, based on photos sent by clients but there is a £25 surcharge for this. The surcharge doesn't  even remotely cover the time taken working up the design, but is there to encourage you to choose one I already have the design made up for!