The Chirombo Village Photo Album

This is a small selection of pictures taken by Andrew and Precious, 14 year-old Malawian schoolboys, in August 2006. I lent them a camera while visiting Malawi to research the Permaculture Posters.

Andrew and Precious took hundreds of pictures of their village by the shores of Lake Malawi and their beautiful photos make an informal and intimate portrait of African village life taken by people that know their subject well.

The Chirombo Village Photo Album has been exhibited at the Foundling Museum in London and Norwich Playhouse. Proceeds from sales of prints have helped the boys pay their school fees.

The set comprises 100 durably mounted and heat sealed images in A3 and A4 sizes, and are available for exhibition elsewhere, to raise awareness at charity events, for example.

Please get in touch if you have any ideas, or want to see the whole collection with a view to ordering copies of these stunning images.