Permaculture Posters

The Permaculture Posters Series was designed and written by June Walker for community groups and subsistence farmers in Malawi. I spent two months in Malawi in 2006, gathering resources and completing the illustrations and layout of the first draft.

The 14 posters are A2 in size, printed in English one side and Chichewa (prevalent local language) the other. They were launched during the Africa Forum at the International Permaculture Convergence held in Malawi in 2009.

Printing was funded by the Malawi Association for Christian Support (

The posters are now in use in many other African countries and are currently being translated into isiZulu for use in South Africa (so I was told some time ago...)

You can download the files from here or (in English or in Chichewa) from here: Permaculture Posters Malawi. Please drop me a line and let me know if you do this. Also let me know if there are any problems downloading the posters by email and I'll sort it out! (


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