Sustainable Nutrition Manual

This very practical three part manual is by Stacia Nordin, funded by the World Food Program, due to be published 2016. The book aims to introduce sustainable farming and living ideas to subsistence farmers in Malawi. Have a look at the author's website Never Ending Food for more information about her life's work.

Having completed the illustrations I was asked to be editor and to do the layout as well. It's taken a while but the manual has, at last, been approved for publication. Approval means it will get the support it needs to get out there in the field.

These images show 15 posters to be used in classrooms by permaculture trainers  Other details in the manual show how to begin making practical changes that lead to improved diet, sustainable farming systems and environmental diversity.

















Here are a few of other images and diagrams in the book:





More images coming up soon...