Dolossies are tiny silver dancing figures, my own design, made and finished by hand in solid silver.

These dancers are a kind of re-working of the ancient game of Jacks. The word Dolossie is an Afrikaans one, and it means knucklebones used for divination.  Strangely Jacks were originally knucklebones too. the word is also linked to huge concrete blocks called 'dolosse' that to protect coastlines from erosion.

Dolossies are £40 at the Twelvemo Shop  

These exquisite silver dancers are extremely wearable as jewelery. As pendant multiples they hang beautifully in a fan shape and as a pair of hanging earrings they dance round the wearer's neck, one facing to the front and the other to the back.

These are not sold with earring fittings or chains. The price is just for the purchase of the figures themselves.

The potential for quantities of Dolossies to be delicately coaxed into arrangements that are entirely chaotic or infinitely ordered is endless, and their really tiny size is seductive... Have alook at the animation!

   Dolossie Ditty (just for fun)

   A new display

   Of nudist play.

   A daisy chain

   Of silver darling!
   Linked and clinging,

   Silver, spinning,

   Dancing, charming,

   Quite disarming!

   And there's a few

   To play with too.

   And some to buy
If you're feeling blue

   And want to take one
   Home with you

The image below shows the size of the Dolossies compared to the size of my hand. (I have quite large hands for a woman.)

I also made a few magnifying mini books box to house a tiny, shiny, silver dancer. They are 9 x 9 cm with a very domed glass lens set into the cover. All sold out I am pleased to say. (I could always make another though, as I don't think I ever claimed it was a limited edition, and now I have my own laser cutter to do such things with!)